Conditioned to our conception/ Immediate circulation of images/ Theory/ Eternity/ Living experience/ EXIST/ Family/ Incapability/ Please don’t leave me/ All I need/ Is your love/ Why am I like this?/ Vapid/ Vacuous/ A mask/ EGO/ Me me me/ Me me me/ Enslaved minds/ Emotion/ Lol/ Loling @ my art/ Degree/ Lol/ haha/ Vulnerability/ JAJAJ/ My anxiety says/ Consume/ But my heart says/ Stop!/ They want us to hate ourselves/ They want us to hate each other/ They want us divided/ Distraction/ Cognition/ Different realities/ But if we can’t/ But if we can’t see it/ Does it exist?/ We/ Can’t we/ Can’t/ Exist/ It It It/ If we can’t/ But/ We/ Can/ May your pain end soon/ May love and tenderness/ Fill your heart.

EXIsT x Janet40 para Material Art Fair Vol.5

Image by Maria Jose Sesma
EXIsT Zine, collage x Janet40

EXIsT para MM/1: When removed from view, removed from existence de ANTImateria @ Winchester School of Art.